House of Lights Mission is a global household of ministries with hubs, local assemblies, para-church missions and networks across the world. 

Eugene Adebayo Ajayi     (an author, church planter, trainer, international conference speaker) oversees the House of Lights mission; 

He has a passion to help ministries, churches, and communities of believers reflect the pattern of the Acts of Apostles in doctrinal purity, fellowship, and power through discipleship and kingdom operations.

He is helping the body of Christ in regions by raising, training, connecting, empowering leaders in the 18-40 generation to become Ekklesia and working with established churches, ministries and mission in regions too.

Under his leadership, The House of Lights has had unique success in breaking through hard to reach communities in very innovative ways.

Kingdom Synergy Alliance (KSA) is the delivery vehicle of House of Lights that works with the wider body of Christ.

Eugene Adebayo Ajayi with works with KSA Prefects and associates who coordinate and drive the ministry and missions within and connected to the House of Lights to expand their influence, develop their capacity and fulfill their mission to their target people, areas and regions.

Kingdom Synergy Alliance (KSA) is a collaboration of experienced transformation experts who work together to support people development, societal and community transformation at a local, regional and national level. We work to see positive transformation in the world through the ministry of well trained, well placed and well equipped children of God in every region and sphere of influence. We can help increase the impact of your church or mission.

Our main objectives everywhere we work is to;

 Develop emerging leaders of the body of Christ and help them become connected communities of Christians that have a spiritual and socio-cultural impact in their regions (another word for Ekklesia)

 Help in the reformation of the whole body of Christ by working with ministries and churches to improve delivery of ministry, care of the saints and transformation of their society. 

KSA can help with leadership and ministry development, Church Planting, Church growth, , and cross-culture Missions.

KSA supports churches to build and strengthen‹ Outreaching, Discipleship, Pastoral systems, Administration, People and process management, Synergy between their operations (internal and external), Community impact and relevance.

Organizations  we have worked with receive the value of clarity, definition, spiritual growth, healthier systems, doctrinal, prophetic balance and a strong sense of direction.