Kingdom Synergy Alliance provides a much needed consulting service to Christians, Christian Ministries and Missions, helping them become more effective in showcasing Christ and the kingdom of God to their target community. 

Continuous Improvement

‹ KSA does this by developing potentials within the organisation and enabling thier vision through practical support, training, continuous improvement and effective synergy. 

This is made possible by our KSA specialist teams

KSA Specialist Teams

KSA missions have had repeated success raising leaders and training ministers within different demographics. who still currently lead churches, missions and are actively discipling others. These leaders are an important part of our workforce and constitute specialist teams that serve our clients.

When we work with you, you will enjoy the services of teams actively serving in the following specialist operations to support your ministry and mission needs:

Revive Mission
Raises, disciples, trains and equips ministry gifts. Revive is the mission within KSA engages with churches and ministries to develop new initiatives and to support them in capacity building.
Revive is popular with helping churches develop ministries to the millennial generation.

Response Mission

Raise disciples who disciple the higher institutions.

Response team equips, train and disciple students between the ages of 16 and 35, to effect a cultural transformation within their institutions