How Do We ACT?

Through ACE – We Work Collaboratively With Christian Agencies To Raise Ambassadors Who CROSS-Culture and Transform communities through                                                                                                                               Eden Protocols.


Cross Culture


We raise ambassadors by raising christians who ACT.

Activate them in citizenship, sonship, stewardship and representation.

We Connect them to other ambassadors to develop in relationship, lifestyle and service through effective Kingdom Connections.

We engage in transformation projects like cross culture and Eden.

We work with kingdom ambassadors anywhere they are to bring the cross of christ to multiple cultures and vice versa.

Basically embedding the principles of the kingdom in the culture of Men wherever they live, work, play, worship and learn.

We use innovative ways to engage the cultures with christ and HIS principles.

We transform society by strategic combination of social impact, systemic cultural reformation, empowerment and development.

We work with local and remote christian services to shine the light of good works and we engage every skill and vocation in developing every aspect of the society until it becomes an example of what God originally intended for human society.

Kingdom Moves

Stay updated with our kingdom projects


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Who am I?

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