SENT To Cross – Culture

Asides from the Eden initiative, that some of you already know about and are involved in, myself and the merry ambassadors of the king who serve as Kingdom Synergy Alliance promotes collaboration for an objective we call CROSS CULTURE.

I have with me in the pictures tacticians, technicians of Christ’s kingdom learning and working together to understand, template and model strategies to transform culture.

We are having an event this Friday at the Hope Centre in Plano TX, drawing from different ethnic, professional and church cultures to deliver a Cross Culture Module In Dallas.

Before I share a little more on the concept of “Cross Culture I wanted to highlight that doing the works of Christ requires every believer the Lord gives us the grace to be connected with and not just our own selves.

So realize that it’s not just me or my own ministry, church or organizational team that is going to achieve the Lord’s work. He is the one who picks his laborers, it’s our job as laborers to connect with one another and find ways to serve the masters objective.

So let’s not be too fixated on “our ministry” that we are not able to see how to work with others, that is doing violence to the body! By the way, none of us have a ministry, Christ is the one that owns the ministry, we are all just in his employment.

If our ministry, objective and calls are too important that we cannot discern what Christ is doing beyond our purview and effectively cooperate with others to achieve it… we have turned “our ministry” into an idol and are no longer serving Christ, but our own selves and ambition.

Transforming culture involves a few things, ENVIRONMENT, CONTENT design and COMMUNICATION, STRATEGY, CARE and SUPPORT. There is not one human being alone, ministry or mission that can achieve this without others.

The Hope Center is an example of an intentional ENVIRONMENT where different ministries can plan, strategize and synergize proactively for increased impact.

This is why I would like to shout out to Alex Maclellan of Josh McDowell ministries (also based on the Hope Centre), a kingdom ambassador originally from Scotland.

I was blown away by his effective compelling way of encouraging people to re-examine their why who and what (purpose and identity) awesome! Looking forward to fellowshipping more with yourself, your team and other Hope Centre Based ministries

Kelley, Cindi, and April Weldone for keeping the wheels of The Hope Centre Turning and continuing to serve with your sterling team 62 ministries serving the world out of the Hope Centre (we need a facility like the Hope Centre in England, we will talk about that)

If only there was a Centre in every city that connected all Christian Services within it and helps them to strategize, plan and synergize like the Hope Center… if someone’s led to drop the money, I would be happy to help implement it, I am certain the Hope Centre team would be happy to support with practical wisdom on how to make it work. So if you have got the dough, let’s make it work!

Can’t fail to mention also, my dear brother and friend Ibukun Omotayo and his wife, who came to be with us over the weekend, A profound kingdom strategist and culture architect, and his dear wife, (she makes the best salads)

Shout out to the KSA team who came with me from London, you are phenomenal!