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Who am I?

QUESTION: So the devil chose to reject the life of God? Do angels have a choice?

ANSWER: Yes the angels have a choice, but do not have the right to exercise it.

When you go to a restaurant, a waiter waits on you to receive your orders, when you give it to him he has to give you exactly what you requested, he has no right to modify or change your order, he CANNOT exercise his choice whilst he serves you.

So also angels have a will but must choose to serve the father, any choice contrary is rebellion, this was what happened to the devil, he exercised his choice contrary to God’s will… That was his Iniquity!

The title above is a question I want to ask us all. If you know who you are, it makes it easier to walk a certain path in life. In these trying times, let’s consider what it means to use our free will.

Leave any comments or questions. I look forward to hearing from you.


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