Eugene Adebayo Ajayi  (an author, trainer, international conference speaker) oversees the House of Lights mission; 

He has a passion to help ministries, churches, and communities of believers reflect the pattern of the Acts of Apostles in doctrinal purity, fellowship, and power through discipleship and kingdom operations.

We are a growing community of Kingdom citizens. We work together to support people development, transformation of societies and communities, on both spiritual and socio-cultural levels, to enforce dynamic changes. locally, nationally and internationally.


To raise a global community of self-organised mature Millennials; sons and daughters of God, who can serve and grow in a way that is qualitative, scalable and impactful. 


Utilising our ACE strategy (Ambassadors, Cross culture, Eden project), we raise Ambassadors for Christ who will fulfill the great commission. Ambassadors are shaped by bringing them through a pipeline of orientation, discipleship, community integration and kingdom service.

We connect believers across cultures, church denominations and geographic locations, and as we like to say ‘we bring the cross of Christ to different cultures and cultures to the cross of Christ’. 

Through our Eden initiative we aim to transform society through social impact projects that support people or communities with various needs (i.e healthcare, housing, food etc).