If the ax is dull and the man does not whet the edge, he must put forth more strength; but wisdom helps him to succeed
Ecclesiastes 10:10

KSAs Network has considerable experience of  best practices of church planting and growth that we make available through Our Engagement packages

Our Packages are scalable, adaptable and very effective, irrespective of size or age of the church. They are always specific to the need of the community and the vision of the leadership. 

It consist of consulting and training, improving People, Materials and Methods of Ministry. 

Using our services will build the capacity of your People, enhance your materials or improve your methods, and increase your fruit in saving souls, discipline saints and transforming communities.

Benefits for you

1. Your church/team of leaders will learn to see ministry in the right context and provide a reliable workforce and support base for your ministry

2. They will learn to recognize and respond intelligently to opportunities for ministry within and without your church

3. They will learn how to positively use influence within the ministry and protect it from abuse

4. They will learn the pastors vision and be trained to work as members of his team to deliver it

5. It will strengthen your Church spiritually and increase your capacity to witness

6. The leadership will be free to do more strategic work as your teams rise to take more responsibilities

Other Benefits Include


This is helping churches that desire to assimilate a different culture or generation within their services to plan, implement and manage the necessary adjustments within its culture

Continuous improvement and capacity development

We support this process right from initial vision till it becomes a stable operation with the right leadership and support systems

Here are a few other areas where we may be of service. These are not exhaustive but highlights other areas we could work with you.

‹‹ Inspirational teaching and exhortation at your assemblies

‹‹ Developing your youth and young adult ministry

‹‹ Working with the families and relationship ministries

‹‹ Working with you to develop your men and women ministries

‹‹ Consulting on developmental issues

‹‹ Assisting in developing cross culture strategies for your church or mission

‹‹ Training in ministry for your ministers

‹‹ Helping you achieve your aims in ministry, in good time, with higher quality

Engagement Plan

Our engagement strategy is based on a 12 months development and training programme which are divided into stages as follows:  

1st stage      (month 1 to 3)

Foundations, Teaching and Interaction, Interactive sessions, Assignment

2nd stage  (month 4 to 6)

Leadership and Development and Capacity Building

3rd stage    (month 7 to 9)

Practice month; CPR, RTN

The final stage (months 10 to 12)

Consolidations and review

The first stage is to help your target group understand the vision, in the second stage we teach them and help them develop capacity to fulfill the developed vision. At stage three, we support them in practically delivering the vision, and the final stage is when we consolidate and review outcomes of the engagement.