Kingdom Synergy Alliance connects kingdom labourers and labour together in regions, areas or spheres of human interaction (e.g interest, education, profession) to serve a known kingdom agenda to the people and the land ,
We help everyone find their place in the harvest field helping the work together effectively as teams of kingdom technicians and tacticians.
“The Great Commission – The Largest Commissioned Project In The World Ever!”
2000 years on the body of Christ is still the biggest project delivery community in the world. The Great commission is a massive global project that requires lots and lots of labourers to reach and re-culture over 6 billion people in the world to adopt the kingdom ways through projects that connects them to the kingdom life, whilst also building , equipping , and releasing them to transform their nations.
Strategic Missions And Rescue Tactics (S.M.A.R.T)
We must be SMART to
– work together to discover and understand what Gods wants to accomplish in the space we all exist and are called to reach.
–  Be equipped and develop ways to co-labour together to transform the people and the society around us.
Who are these labourers?
All of Gods people in an area are his workforce, regardless of your theological training or lack of it. We help raise and train people who can work as teams of technicians and tacticians to reach different people groups. (Technicians bring the labour (tech) and Tacticians tack it all together
Become a KSA Agent or Agency
(Agent is person, agency is organisation).
KSA is open to new alliances with kingdom minded people and organisations who believe they have something to offer to the great commission.
How To Join KSA
We Get To Know You
First we would like to know about you and your organisation. We would want to learn your journey, your experience and expectations. Your skillset, your grace, contacts and super powers
(Click here to tell us about yourself)
We Get To Meet You
One/some of the team will contact and tell you all the exciting things going on, this will start your engagement, there will always be a KSA buddy to explain the process and project to you
You Get To Know Us
At this Engagement phase  you will be gong through orientations and Training by other KSA Techs & Tacts (Technicians and Tacticians) In technique and tactics that we use to serve the king and his people. And there are several that will blow your mind!
You Are An Associate
Everyone New KSA agent after the initial conversation and engagement will be an associate connected and working with and supporting different teams and local kingdom projects.
Engagement with a local kingdom initiatives
After the engagement with orientation, training, the agent/agency will be connected to the KSA resource pool and engaged in supporting and working with transformation projects involving people, communities, organisations at appropriate levels.
What Lies Beyond?
The KSA associate (agent/agency) has status as an ambassador if and when they can represent coherently the ethics, values and character that KSA stands for and can be trusted to share it with others.
Progression and development
All KSA agents commit to continuously develop in four areas, character, competence, commitment and consistency
Experienced KSA ambassadors are assets to work in new fields and are able to champion new projects, in new spaces, when an agent can be entrusted with this kind of responsibility they are classed as champions and if they have developed specific competencies in a technical area, they serve as specialists
The Key Roles
Technician and Tactician
Every one in KSA is a Technician or Tactician of sorts,
Technician (techs)
We will all have a skill or gift God has given that can deliver very specific outcomes for the kingdom, this could be teaching, exhortation in specific truths or special abilities like coding JavaScript, or mobilising people, it is a specific skill that can deliver a specific measurable outcome, that is your superpower as a technician
Tactician “ (tacks)
As different technicians are bringing their gifts and skills to the field, some must be concerned with with process and help to support it, they help connect the outputs of different technicians and specialists together to make sure we get the right outcomes
Technicians bring the technique, Tactician work out the tactics, who are you?
(Let’s get to meet you, and show us your zeal for The Lord)