The KC Community is a fast growing community of interdenominational believers who commune for discipleship in relationships, lifestyle and purpose. Our mission is to continually expand the Kingdom community by connecting individual believers and churches both nationally (in the UK) and worldwide. By continually providing opportunities for believers to meet, we cultivate and disciple them through forums, conferences, retreats, regular community events and more. Website https://kccommunity.com/ 


The KingsTribe is an Initiative of the House of Lights Network. It describes how we connect and identify with, build community and fulfill destiny with fellow kingdom citizens within the body of Christ. Tribes are not organizations, they are superfamilies and cultural hubs consisting of men, women, families in communities. The King’s tribe is subdivided Into the  categories of the KingsMan, KingsWoman and the KingsFamily. Website http://kingstribe.org/


At Spirit Filled Marriage (SFM), our vision is to build and disciple families and marriages: Equipping, strengthening and establishing marriages and pioneering families, God’s way. Our three main foundational principles are SYNERGY, DEVELOPMENT & IMPACT. SYNERGY with God and with one another. DEVELOPMENT of those in the marriage and family. IMPACT on the world. Social media – www.instagram.com/spiritfilledmarriage