As leaders in the Faith, Governance and the world; what message are we sending right now? Our communities are looking for a revival. I have seen that any such move follows a process of Transformation. I encourage us to be present, available and relevant as leaders. How do the people in our communities and towns see us? Are we approachable by them.


We want to have access with them so we can build influence. The opportunities have always presented themselves to us. Perhaps even more than ever before right now. In our minds as leaders, we need to be thinking transform, transform, transform. In order to bring this transformation, we must understand the state our towns are in, and where they ought to be.


Lets think about having access to our people in a dynamic way. Considering robust influential ways that are in step with the times we live in. Seezing opportunities in order to appropriately engineer transformation. The grace to take CHRIST’s light into every city be upon us all. May the world see CHRIST through our collective presence. It’s time to re-member who we are, and whose we are.

Let us come together with a shared identity in CHRIST, with common unity and relate on this basis. If this happens then we will be assembled together with intentional minds that produce a lively commonwealth.